Come join us Wednesday October 17th, as Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH presents a presentation with Ubisoft Montreal’s Simon Clavet discussing the groundbreaking use of procedural animation in the upcoming blockbuster, ASSASSIN’S CREED III.

In Assassin’s Creed 3, the fluidity and detail of moves such as uneven terrain running, tree climbing, jumping from branch to branch, and air-assassinating bad guys is a huge part of what makes the game stand out from other titles. It is arguably one of the most complex interactive animation systems ever implemented. For the main player alone, and excluding cinematics, more than 7000 animations need to be sequenced, blended, and carefully synchronized with the environment and other characters. But even with this volume of data, we still don’t get exactly what we want. That’s why we need procedural animation.

The presentation will show precise examples of procedural animation from Assassin’s Creed 3 and other Ubisoft titles, as well as speculate on the future of this new and exciting position, which tries to reconcile artistic direction and mechanical considerations. Don’t miss it!

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There will be a Q & A following the presentation.

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Where: Vancity Theatre 1181 Seymour Street (@ Davie)

When: Wednesday October 17

Doors: 6:30pm.

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Simon Clavet

Simon studied Mathematics and Physics at University of Montreal. He then obtained a masters in computer science, which focused on particle-based viscoelastic fluid simulation.

Since he joined Ubisoft Montreal in 2005, Simon developed an obsession for animation responsiveness, fluidity, and physical correctness. He worked with the animation research group, and he participated in the development of Splinter Cell Conviction, Avatar, and the upcoming titles FarCry 3, Rainbow Six Patriots, and Assassin’s Creed 3. His favorite words are “connection”, “weight”, and “intention”, and he can’t wait to try his fancy animation systems on real robots.